Counselling in Queenstown


Anxiety is a normal stress response and we all experience this from time to time. However, when the symptoms such as persistent fear and worry, rapid breathing, sweating and panic attacks begin interfering with daily life then it's time to act. We can explore your anxious thoughts & feelings and find strategies to help you cope so that you can begin to respond differently.


Depression is characterised by a group of symptoms such as sadness, changes in sleep patterns, loss of appetite and motivation and a mood that is persistently low. Along with this can be a feeling of helplessness and thoughts of suicide. Counselling can help to build awareness around the underlying issues of depression along with looking into changes that can be made so you feel as though you are back in control.


Some stress in life is normal and a little stress is ok however too much stress can result in feeling overwhelmed, tired and can wear you down mentally and emotionally. It can also lead to other health complications. Counselling assists by helping you to identify and recognise your stress symptoms and triggers and looking at new ways of coping in stressful times.

Work Related Issues

Struggling at work? Some common work place issues that employees face may be lack of motivation, poor communication, performance issues, interpersonal conflict. By having a confidential place to talk about issues that are troubling you it's possible to explore potential solutions and to develop better ways of managing issues.

Effects of Family Violence

Family violence comes in a number of different forms and covers a broad range of controlling behaviours which can impact the physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing of victims and can lead to a loss of self-esteem and feelings of helplessness. I offer a safe and confidential space to explore your situation and the impacts on your life and wellbeing.


There are challenges that many of us as parents never imagined we would face. And without an instruction manual it's hard to know what to do at times. As a Mum of two adult daughters I have first hand experience of the tricky times parents can have. We can explore the issues you are facing and together come up with new ways of coping and some useful strategies.

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